Our Story

A note from the founder: About a year ago, while travelling through India, I got my first look at this beautiful country from an adult's perspective. I was born in India, and after spending my childhood there, I moved to Canada in my early teenage years. All the memories I had formed of India were from a child’s perspective.

As my family and I travelled from city to city, from one family friend's home to another, I found myself staring down what I can only describe as miniature palaces. Each designed to its owner's liking, these homes were decorated beautifully and gave off an aura of luxury. If anyone knows anything about India, they know that it is a nation obsessed with food. It was no surprise when I found every one of our hosts ready to feed us with superb style and elegant design. From the table setting to the serving platters, I felt like this is how royalty must dine.

I returned home from India in hopes of finding that elegance in other homes. In the past year, from one home to another, I left rather disappointed. Why is it so hard to find high quality, beautifully designed, and affordable home décor? Either you get the very basic mass produced kitchen set that is in every home and looks dull after some use, or you are stuck dishing out a fortune to get one designer made item that you are too scared to use and is likely to become a decoration.

They say if you can't find it, create it. I am no skilled artisan, so I cannot create from scratch but I did go searching.  After a year of searching for a solution, fennel & fork was founded with the partnership of select decor experts from India.

Here at fennel & fork, we believe that high quality, elegant design and premium craftsmanship do not need to cost a fortune. Above all, what you use to serve food should be as natural and unique as the food you serve in it. Every fennel & fork product is handmade by skilled artisans, giving you the comfort of knowing that no two products are exactly the same.

I love chatting with anyone about fennel & fork, send me a note at: abhinav@fennelandfork.com