Our Thinking

  • We must support artisans and their communities.

  • In today's digital age and era of mass production, traditional professions such as forging, hand crafting, and hammering are a dying breed. There is an incredible amount of skill that is at risk of being replaced by automated mass production methods.

  • At fennel & fork, not only do we employ skilled artisans and provide them with a living wage, we also aim to fulfill our social responsibility. A portion of our profits are donated back to charitable organizations in India that help ensure food remains on the table for thousands of families in need, many that reside in the same communities where our artisans call home.

  • When you buy a product from fennel & fork, you not only feed your family, you feed many families across the world while helping preserve an endangered profession..

  • Let us help you decorate.

    While we strive to make high quality home décor affordable, we want to make it fun again too. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where we regularly source customer questions and provide answers from our large panel of interior designers and bloggers. Need some help decorating? Send over a picture of the room you are trying to decorate to myroom@fennelandfork.com and we will provide recommendations of how to spruce up the room.

  • We research so you don't have to.

    Stainless steel remains the preferred material for cutlery and home decor, yet there is more to it than meets the eye. We discovered that most manufacturers use 304 or 430 grade of stainless steel. While this is a good quality steel, in our mission to provide the best quality, we only develop products that use J-4 Grade stainless steel with a MPa of 300. All this industry jargon aside, our material provides 50% more strength and 30% less weight. Why does it matter to you? This means that our products are more durable, take much longer to show any wear, and weigh significantly less than other products in the market.

  • Inspired by Nature. Designed in Toronto. 

    There is no doubt that the best designs in home decor are sourced from the nature around us. Due to this belief, fennel & fork searches for the most unique and in demand designs that skilled artisans are developing by hand. We partner with artisans that have been refining and working on their skills for decades, so that you can enjoy craftsmanship that is unique and hand crafted for your home.